ETIM 2022
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Attention – New Date
10-11 June 2022

...because it will be more interesting to meet again in person in Essen.

ETIM 2022

Artificial Intelligence

ETIM 2022 will start for the first time as a symposium of the "Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine" founded in 2020. IKIM is one of the first institutes in Germany to start in this important field of innovation. And as pioneers in diverse areas of medicine, the institute's researchers always have their finger on the pulse of the times, thus guaranteeing exciting presentations and exceptional speakers.


Advancing Technology

Advances in healthcare and medical research are already strongly driven by information technology and engineering. Technologies like individual genome sequencing, high-performance multiparametric imaging or wearable medical devices generate exponentially growing datasets while contemporary data-mining techniques allow to extract large amounts of valuable data from existing archives of unstructured medical data. These offer the opportunity for highly specific clinical decision making and personalized precision medicine.

Challenges & Opportunities

Further acceleration of medical innovation by upcoming technologies like artificial intelligence and smart hospital can be safely predicted. However, as complex challenges often require complex solutions, these technologies demand an interdisciplinary approach between clinicians, computer scientists, engineers, researchers, healthcare providers, legislators and many other disciplines.

Insights & Networking

We are poised to bring all stakeholders to the table to define the demands of clinicians and healthcare providers, outline technical solutions and create a common understanding of the opportunities, and also the difficulties that may arise. With the fourth ETIM meeting we aim to create new insights, stimulate networking and initiate a sustained flow of communication between individual experts and workgroups.

Conference Speakers

Conference Chairs

Michael Forsting

Chairman of the Department of
Radiology, Essen University Hospital
Chief Medical Officer, IT Department,
Essen University Hospital
Vice Dean for Finance and Structure,
University of Duisburg-Essen

Jochen Werner

Medical Director and Chairman of the Board, Essen University Hospital

The IKIM Team

Jens Kleesiek

Translational Image-Guided Oncology

Folker Meyer

Data Science

Felix Nensa

AI and Data Integration

Christin Seifert

AI for Oncology


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