Artificial Intelligence and Smart Hospital Summit
Emerging technologies in medicine
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ETIM 2019

Artificial Intelligence and Smart Hospital Summit

Advancing Technology

Advances in healthcare and medical research are already strongly driven by information technology and engineering. Technologies like individual genome sequencing, high-performance multiparametric imaging or wearable medical devices generate exponentially growing datasets while contemporary data-mining techniques allow to extract large amounts of valuable data from existing archives of unstructured medical data. These offer the opportunity for highly specific clinical decision making and personalized precision medicine.

Challenges & Opportunities

Further acceleration of medical innovation by upcoming technologies like artificial intelligence and smart hospital can be safely predicted. However, as complex challenges often require complex solutions, these technologies demand an interdisciplinary approach between clinicians, computer scientists, engineers, researchers, healthcare providers, legislators and many other disciplines.

Insights & Networking

We are poised to bring all stakeholders to the table to define the demands of clinicians and healthcare providers, outline technical solutions and create a common understanding of the opportunities, and also the difficulties that may arise. With the second ETIM meeting we aim to create new insights, stimulate networking and initiate a sustained flow of communication between individual experts and workgroups.

Conference Speakers

Conference Chairs

Michael Forsting

Chairman, Department of Radiology,
Chief Medical Officer, IT department, University Hospital of Essen
Dean of Research, Faculty of Medicine, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

Jochen Werner

Medical Director and Chief Executive Officer, University Hospital of Essen, Germany


Jens Spahn

Federal Minister
Member of the German Federal Parliament
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Day 1, Feb. 22nd 2019 - Artificial Intelligence

Christoph Friedrich

Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Dortmund, Germany

Beyond Bitcoin: Blockchains for Healthcare

Mark Gooding

Chief Scientist, Mirada Medical Ltd, Oxford, UK

How to get your AI App cleared by the FDA and into clinical routine

Johannes Haubold

Resident, Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology and Neuroradiology, University Hospital Essen, Essen, Germany

Real-world application of deep learning in radiology: fully automated bone age assessment

Henkjan Huisman

Associate Professor, Department of Radiology, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

AI in Medical Image Analysis and Image Guided Interventions: What the radiologist needs to know

Torben Klagge

Manager Information Security Solutions, Sopra Steria SE, Hamburg, Germany

KRITIS meets Big Data and AI: Loving union or forced marriage?

Sven Koitka

Researcher, Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology and Neuroradiology, University Hospital Essen, Essen, Germany

Real-world application of deep learning in radiology: fully automated bone age assessment

Michael Perkuhn

Research Department Head, Clinical Application Research, Philips GmbH Innovative Technologies, Research Laboratories, Aachen, Germany

AI end to end solution, integrated into the clinical workflow

Benedikt Wiestler

Resident, Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, Klinikum rechts der Isar, Technical University of Munich, Munich, Germany

Can we use AI to detect and quantify multiple sclerosis with human level accuracy?

Jürgen Wolf

Professor, Translational Oncology, University of Cologne, Cologne, Germany

Personalized therapy in clincial routine: Vision or reality?

Day 2, Feb. 23rd 2019 - Smart Hospital Summit

Thomas Berger

General Manager, Cerner Health Services Deutschland GmbH, Berlin, Germany

Making hospitals smart: Rethinking the Hospital Information System

Friedrich von Bohlen

CEO, Molecular Health GmbH, Heidelberg, Germany

The molecular dimension in smart hospitals

Fried-Michael Dahlweid

CTO, CIO, Inselgruppe, Bern, Switzerland

How to aggregate scattered and heterogeneous data in a large Hospital

John Deverill

Managing Partner, GE Healthcare, London, UK

Command Center for a Hospital! Crazy?

Martin Herzmann

Sales Manager Medical, Materialise GmbH, Gilching, Germany

3D Printing in Hospitals - Hype or Must-have?

Tina Manoharan

Siemens Healthineers, Forchheim, Germany

Improving clinical workflows with intelligent decision support systems

Dominik Pförringer

Consultant, Klinikum rechts der Isar, Technical University of Munich, Munich, Germany

Digitization of hospitals - Drones or data cables? Where does the deficit pinch?

Harald Schmidt

Professor & Head of Department of Pharmacology & Personalised Medicine, Faculty of Health, Medicine & Life Science, Maastricht University, Maastricht, The Netherlands

The end of medicine as we know it?

Conference Schedule


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45147 Essen , Germany
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Artificial Intelligence and Smart Hospital Summit Feb. 22nd-23rd 2019, Essen, Germany EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES IN MEDICINE

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